“Call to action” is a marketing term that is often abbreviated to CTA. It is a button an Internet user can click on to be redirected to a content offer for example. The “call to action” button is used as part of the Inbound Marketing strategy to allow a simple visitor to be converted into […]

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e-commerce trends 2022

E-commerce is still on the rise and the health crisis has only fast-tracked its development. This is forcing E-tailers to take a good look at how they acquire and retain customers. To put them on the right track, marketers are rolling out new strategies, which they tout as being “more modern”. But what exactly are […]

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SEO trends for 2020

SEO trends and predictions for 2020

Without a doubt, 2019 was a year marked by the Google updates. In fact, this year we’ve seen several updates that have upset the results of this search engine, especially in the English-speaking blogosphere. This has sent ripples through the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and will have a real impact on SEO in […]

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Beware of traffic peaks on your website

To much web traffic

Every year, e-commerce site owners and e-merchants have to contend with peak traffic periods on their online platforms. These periods correspond to important events such as sales, Black Friday or Christmas, and the resulting problems faced by the sites have to be dealt with every year. It is important to know that a traffic spike […]

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What is inbound marketing exactly?

inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a digital marketing method. The term was coined by HubSpot co-founders Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan back in 2006 and refers to a technique whereby the company becomes its own medium. Users are drawn to your website or blog by tempting them with powerful content instead of advertisement, the aim being to […]

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What may cause your website to crash?

outage can be happened to your website

What may cause your website to crash, making it unavailable to visitors? Having put a lot of time and effort into designing a website, thoughts then tend to turn only to referencing and conversion rates. But not enough thought is given to protecting it from crashing. After all, what’s the worst thing that could happen […]

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How web outages impact your ROI?

outages impact your marketing ROI

“Downtime”, maintenance time, web outage… whatever you want to call them, the situation is the same: your website has stopped working. At that point, any Internet users are greeted with an error message and all your marketing efforts go up in smoke, because there is no way to convert them. Your AdWords campaigns, mailings or […]

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Apprenez comment le monitoring SaaS va vous sauver !

Web Monitoring in the Cloud

Le SaaS ou le “logiciel en tant que service” (Software as a Service) est un logiciel disponible via Internet ou le cloud. InternetVista est l’un de ces fournisseurs SaaS, grâce à sa solution de monitoring. Cette entreprise fournit un service de surveillance web à tous ceux qui souhaitent rester en alerte face à la performance […]

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Studies prove it. If an Internet user has to wait more than 3 seconds, they simply leave your website… and seeing as your competitor is often only a click away from you, that’s where they’re headed. Not exactly what you had in mind? Of course not, so what can you do about it? The first step […]

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