Don’t let a site failure ruin your holiday!


Today, booking your holiday on the Internet has become a matter of course and the travel sector is a major contributor to global e-commerce turnover. All the more reason for InternetVista to check the permanent availability of the websites of the main online holiday operators over one whole month. The sites with the best availability […]

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How web outages impact your ROI?

outages impact your marketing ROI

«Downtime», maintenance time, web outage… whatever you want to call them, the situation is the same: your website has stopped working. At that point, any Internet users are greeted with an error message and all your marketing efforts go up in smoke, because there is no way to convert them. Your AdWords campaigns, mailings or […]

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The speed of your website impacts your sales

Website speed is crucial for your sales

Today, sales are increasingly made online. Window shopping is an internet-based activity, as is the entire purchasing process, from picking the online store to paying for the basket. And everyone wants this experience to be as smooth as possible. The time your website takes to load, the website speed, has a direct impact on this […]

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How could cyberattacks kill your business?

Le monitoring contre les cyber attaques

Neglecting your company’s cybersecurity can seriously damage your business. If you rely on funding from investors, most of them, only naturally, lose interest in vulnerable, pirated or cyber-attacked companies. The scandal that erupted over two major data breaches at Yahoo®, affecting a billion users, almost derailed Verizon®’s offer to acquire Yahoo. As a result, the […]

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La velocidad de su sitio web es la primera impresión de su negocio que tienen los internautas.Debemos ser conscientes de que el usuario no nos va a dar una segunda oportunidad si no le convencemos. Un sitio web lento es una de las cosas más frustrantes para el usuario. Según un estudio KISSmetrics realizado por Neil Patel, un 47 % […]

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Según investigaciones, si un usuario de Internet tiene que esperar más de 3 segundos, abandona el sitio web; y si la competencia se encuentra a un solo clic, ganará un usuario.  Evidentemente, eso no es lo que usted quiere. ¿Cómo se puede impedir?  ¿Cómo puede controlar el tiempo de respuesta de su sitio web? El […]

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