Why we created a blog around website monitoring?

let's talk about web monitoring

When we built internetVista, we had a dream…

To make the web better and more performing!

This is our mission since 2003 and we’ll keep working hard to reach it.

The main idea behind this goal, is to eradicate the bad user’s experience, which is still too frequent on the web. And the only way to put an end to this plague is by having a fast and reliable website.

The thing is, even after 15 years in the business, we regularly hear the same:

“My website is working just fine, in fact I check it all the time”. While this might be true when you do it during your “working hours”, in reality your site can be down at any time…

Unlike humans, downtime never sleeps!

That’s the reason why we’ve decided to launch this blog.

We want to demistify everything related to web monitoring by explaining it, in a simpler way.

We thought that now was the right time. To share our expertise with you, our users, by providing useful tips to improve your web performance. As a matter of fact, a few posts have already been published, including a few actionnable monitoring tips for e-commerce sites.

So let’s get started!

Why a blog around web monitoring now?

Who will contribute to the blog?

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Why a blog around web monitoring now?

why we decided to launch a blog around web monitoring

In 2017, we thought that it was obvious that every marketer, I.T or web project manager would use an external web monitoring solution to monitor their site/web application… but that’s not the case.

How naive were we, right?

But we’re going to reverse that situation.

We’ve noticed a trend among web professionals when it comes to web monitoring.

All of them have witnessed at least 1 major outage, whether on their own site or on someone’s else, but only a few have ever heard that such a solution existed.

We can’t blame them though, even the biggest online players are also in that case. In fact, 24% of the top online retailers in Belgium suffered from downtime on black friday 2017.

This is why we want to raise awareness around “uptime” and why monitoring your website is crucial.

Every content produced on this blog will help you to:

  1. 📊 Increase your uptime rate 
  2. 💰 Maximize your online revenues 
  3. 💯 Improve your users’ experience

What topics will we discuss about?

All of the topics in this blog will be tightly linked to the 3 points mentioned previously. Rather than publishing irrelevant and generic content, we want to provide actionnable tips that you could directly apply on your business.

The blog will include customers case studies, web performance report as well as monitoring tricks.

Here is a quick overview:

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Who will contribute to the blog?

cedric braem internetvista co-founder

Cedric Braem | Co-founder

I co-founded internetVista with Christophe Darville in 2003.

Both of us are highly skilled I.T professionals as we worked on multiple projects and various industries (banking, ecommerce, government, …). We’ve created internetVista in order to help web professionals, just like you, to make the best ROI of their internet’s investments.

We believed that website monitoring shouldn’t be reserved to the big players.

Anyone who runs an online business should be able to monitor their web performance. This why internetVista exists, to provide a reliable and affordable monitoring solution, for everyone.

What’s more to know about me?

I have a true passion for the web.

In fact, I’ve co-created Safeshops.be and the FEWEB (Belgian web professionals association) with Benjamin Beeckmans. I’m also coaching entrepreneurs at Solvay Business School and talk about online marketing and e-commerce.

What will I talk about?

I will bring my technical knowledges with tips & trick for helping you to optimize your monitoring. The topics will go from “setting-up an advanced monitoring” to “creating your 1st web scenario” to monitor the user experience on your website/web application.

Alexis Martial marketing jedi at internetvista

Alexis Martial | Marketing Jedi

If you ever signed-up for a trial, you’ve probably already talked to each other. He is the guy who gets in touch with you and try to delight your monitoring experience as much as possible.

What’s the fuzz around the “Jedi” thing anyway?

Well, Alexis joined internetVista back in 2015 and he’s in charge of the overall marketing strategy.

This goes from optimizing the relationship with our users, just like you, to spreading the good word about web monitoring all around the world. You could portay him as internetVista’s “Swiss Knife”.

What’s more to know about Alexis?

He’s a serial traveller.

Before graduating from an international business school (EPHEC), he spent an entire year in Australia in order to upgrade his English. He hasn’t stopped travelling since then and has visited almost every continent on earth.

Besides that, he’s an avid learner with a strong affinity for the web and everything related to online marketing. Oh… and he plays soccer. I dare you to challenge him on a field! ⚽

What Alexis will talk about?

Alexis will take a  slightly less technical approach since he has a marketing background.

He will set the focus around the knowledge he acquired, by creating content around web monitoring. This will go from internetVista’s “hidden features” to web performance reports.

The idea is to help our non technical users to know the basics and to get the most out of our services.

Sharing is caring! 

share your story

As mentioned previously, our mission is to go towards a better & more reliable web.

But this can’t be achieved alone… we need you!

You may wondering how could you help, right?

Simply by sharing your knowledge and experience around web monitoring.

Everyone has a something to tell, it could be:

  • Suggesting product improvements
  • Providing monitoring tips & tricks
  • Sharing your story

Because at the end of the day, all we care about is our users…

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