Is your website important? Then external monitoring is essential.

Website Monitoring as users
External website monitoring is essential to secure your website’s availability, speed and performance for your users at all times. In this blog post, we will run you through external website monitoring, explain why it is important and tell you how to set it up.

What is external website monitoring?

External website monitoring is a process that permanently checks the availability and performance of your website from external locations, outside your network or that of your hosting company. Monitoring can be carried out from different locations around the world to ensure that your website is accessible and performing well for all users, regardless of their geographical location.

External website monitoring also measures the loading time of your website, the quality of the user experience and the availability of your web pages. By quickly analysing the monitoring results, you can detect performance problems, slow response times or downtime errors.

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Why is external website monitoring so important?

External website monitoring is important because it guarantees that your website is always available for your users. If your website is inaccessible or slow to load, this can lead to a loss of traffic, sales and user engagement. You don’t need us to tell you that a user not arriving at your site is a recipe for disaster. To be honest, it constitutes professional negligence.

What’s more, performance issues can have a negative impact on your SEO and online reputation. Users are increasingly demanding speed and reliability from websites, and if your website fails to meet these requirements, they may well look for alternatives.  In these cases, your competitors are only a click away.

By regularly monitoring your website, you can detect performance issues early and resolve them before they become major problems. This ensures that your website is always available and performing well for your users.

How do I set up external website monitoring?

There are several external website monitoring tools available on the market, such as internetVista, Netvigie, IP-Label or Dynatrace. These tools send requests to your website from different locations in the world to measure availability, response times and performance.

internetVista is the solution that adapts to your needs and your budget. As an à la carte monitoring service, you have complete control over your subscription. And the icing on the cake? internetVista also offers you transactional monitoring, which is an extremely powerful tool for monitoring your user scenarios (or the Customer Journey).


In conclusion, external website monitoring is an essential practice for any company intent on ensuring that its website is always available and performing well.  Monitoring is done as a user, a visitor or a customer. By using external monitoring tools, you can quickly detect problems and take action to solve them. Not only will you improve the user experience but also boost your company’s online reputation