How could cyberattacks kill your business?

Le monitoring contre les cyber attaques

Neglecting your company’s cybersecurity can seriously damage your business. If you rely on funding from investors, most of them, only naturally, lose interest in vulnerable, pirated or cyber-attacked companies. The scandal that erupted over two major data breaches at Yahoo®, affecting a billion users, almost derailed Verizon®’s offer to acquire Yahoo. As a result, the […]

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Apprenez comment le monitoring SaaS va vous sauver !

Web Monitoring in the Cloud

Le SaaS ou le “logiciel en tant que service” (Software as a Service) est un logiciel disponible via Internet ou le cloud. InternetVista est l’un de ces fournisseurs SaaS, grâce à sa solution de monitoring. Cette entreprise fournit un service de surveillance web à tous ceux qui souhaitent rester en alerte face à la performance […]

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